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4th Annual Flying Farangs Golf Tournament 2007


Bangkok 2006 "In the Stands"
Photographer: Nan Kennedy


3rd Annual Flying Farangs Golf Tournament 2006
Photographer: Scotty Murray

  Registration On the Course Banquet

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Canada Day 2006


Bangkok 2005 "In the Stands"
Photographer: Charlie Arnold

  Stay away from the light Walt Whitty gets down to business Who's the pig?
  Brian gets all NY on Kirk Rob & Nan continue to turn out
future Flying Farangs
Guy enjoys the view of Samrong
  Why the look of doubt Kevin? Boomer's better half Saturday ended too early
  This is why Bangkok
is everyone's favorite tourney!
Scotty Hockey talks shop I'm not listening
to a word he's saying
  The reason why
we still have a rink in Thailand
Jamie pushes the beer sales The ladies Thai hockey players can't live without
  Shu shows off a
second generation Flying Farang
These Czechs can come back any time! Shut up and drink your beer!
2nd Annual Flying Farangs Golf Tournament 2005
  It's the Opening Faceoff Playing the Greens,
Heineken Green that is!
Not only Hair Club members,
they're also the presidents!
  Good food provided by our favorite Cajuns    
  Evidence that there really are
Farang women in Thailand
Yo! Don't mess with my boys Hey Jamie...Pull this!
  The Auctioneer gets ready
for the night's festivities
Now how's that for support! Mike and John thank the crowd
for all the support
1st Annual Flying Farangs Golf Tournament 2004
Going Old School! Il Duce Surveys the Family The look before you card a100+ round
Scott Murray emerges from wardrobe
for his next Oliver Stone film
Oy! Where's the Vegemite! Sir Elton John never misses a chance
to attend a charity event
It's time for the game face Crowley searches for a taker
on a two dollar Nassau
Now taking applications for caddies
for the 2005 outing
Tournament organizers
present a check to the TFF

Kuala Lumpur 2004

How about a group hug? The Captain talks to his
only true defenseman
Mrs. Nell says hi to an old friend
Blondes Do have more fun! Whitty makes sure Joy stays put NYC Baby!
The Thai Mafia enjoy a night out G'Day Mate! Click above for multiple images
Singapore 2004
Rob & Whitty prepare for the flight The Captain tells it like it is Ron rejoins the FF...temporarily
Mike gets serious...about drinking (Click above for more images) Cots says hello to his many fans


Bangkok 2003
Whitty's all smiles at Henry J. Beans Jamie gets up close & personal Jeff tries to explain
hockey to the Brit
Jonesy stuck in the corner Don't mess with me man! Cheers boys!
Dude, why are your eyes so red? The captain and Mrs. Nell Sean Kennedy...
Future FF All-Star
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