Name: Andrew Owen Hjelmeland III
Date of Birth: January 16,1968
Nick Name: Pinky
Marital Status: Single Forever
Hometown: Orono, Minnesota
Occupation: General Manager
Arrived in BKK: 1996
Plan to leave: Never
Position: Doggie my thumb planted
Shoots: Left
Favorite NHL Team: Wild/Blackhawk
Team Status: Ex-Con
Favorite Player and Why: Gordie Howe! Took stitches on a regular basis without pain killers between shifts! That’s old time hockey! No silent treatments, temper tantrums, or leaving the rink if he didn’t get his own way! He never complained. . He settled the issue immediately using extreme prejudice!
Most Hated Celebrity and Why:

I hate all celebrities because they generally are arrogant and think what they do is superior to what blue collar people do for a living! Most assume they are gifted artists which is an absolute misnomer.

Dream Woman: Asian or Black, tall with long legs, amazing ass and a gravity defying rack! If my mother asks I will say, “A girl who is well-balanced, has a great sense of humor, and respects all living things!”
Best Habit: I am in love with life! My hunger to never, ever stop learning!
Worst Habit: I am extremely selfish and I love to get really fucked up on booze and drugs!
Favorite Movie: Princess Bride
Top 3 CD’s of all Time: AC/DC Back in Black, Rolling Stones Greatest Hits, Bob Dylan Greatest hits, and Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits!
Bangkok Pet Peeve: Bar Fine!
Home Pet Peeve: Better hockey players!
Favorite Drink: Cranberry Vodka
Favorite Shooter: Ice cold Vodka
Favorite Bar or Restaurant in BKK Toyo Ichiban
Future Ambitions:

To successfully run my own business allowing me the financial freedom to ensure my mom and dad are properly taken care of when they get to the point they can no longer care for themselves!

To increase my love for life and be surrounded by people who feel the same way!