Name: Darrell Krieger
Date of Birth: October 21,1961
Nick Name: dk
Marital Status: married
Hometown: Estevan, Saskatchewan
Occupation: Manager – Halliburton
Baroid Fluid Services Indochina
How Long in BKK so far: 1 year
Plan to leave: Never
Position: Defense or forward
Shoots: Left
Favorite NHL Team: Calgary Flames
Team Status: Active
Favorite Player and Why: Scott Stevens from NJ. He makes em pay to gain the zone. Everyone on the other team needs to be aware of where he is at all times. If you lose sight of him the hammer could fall very hard on you!!
Most Hated Celebrity and Why: Steven Segal – Come on buddy!! Real men do not where leather pants
Dream Woman: I married her!!!!
Best Habit: I never quit!!!
Worst Habit: I never quit!!!
Favorite Movie: The Best of Times ( Robin Williams and Kurt Russell)
Top 3 CD’s of all Time:  
Bangkok Pet Peeve: Motorcycles on the footpath.
Home Pet Peeve: -30C
Favorite Drink: Vodka Martini (Shaken not stirred)
Favorite Shooter: Not since I grew up.
Favorite Bar or Restaurant in BKK Bulls Head Pub
Future Ambitions: 50 goals before I am 50 years old.
( I only need 48 more)