Name: Dave Lombardi
Date of Birth: May 20, 1961
Nick Name: Lombardi
Marital Status: Single with 2 awesome kids
Hometown: BKK & Paris


Arrived in BKK: '02     
Plan to leave: Why? A great city to share along with Paris
Position: Forward
Shoots: Left
Favorite NHL Team: Leaf's when Keon ruled
Team Status: Drop-in anywhere on planet earth
Favorite Player and Why: Dave Keon or Scotty Hockey
Most Hated Celebrity and Why:

No one really

Dream Woman: That girl @ starbucks
Best Habit: Morning ritual at starbucks
Worst Habit: Indonesia cloves [only when there]
Favorite Movie: Stop Making Sense
Top 3 CD’s of all Time: REM -Monster, Clash- London Calling and Talking Heads-Stop Making Sense
Bangkok Pet Peeve: Radio + Taxi = headache
Home Pet Peeve: This shoes off policy, when was the vote?
Favorite Drink: LIIT only @ Demo though
Favorite Shooter: Pass
Favorite Bar or Restaurant in BKK Demo for drinks, Le Bouchon pour FG
Future Ambitions:

House with a pool on the roof, you?