Name: John Casella
Date of Birth: August 12, 1966
Nick Name: Il Duce &/or JC
Marital Status: Married
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Financial Consultant
How Long in BKK so far: 10 years
Plan to leave: When they kick me out
Position: Grumpy old defenseman
Shoots: Whenever I have the chance
Favorite NHL Team: LEAFS, of course!
Team Status: The only “Active” member of FF Hall of Fame – Team Builders Category
Favorite Player and Why: Doug Gilmour for his heroics with the Leafs in ’93
Most Hated Celebrity and Why: Britney Spears… do you need to ask why?
Dream Woman: My wife (I won the lottery when I met K. Bon)
Best Habit: I always drink plenty of liquids
Worst Habit: Showing up at the rink during the warm up
Favorite Movie: Slapshot (It made me laugh; It made me cry; It had it all!)
Top 3 CD’s of all Time: I haven’t listened to a CD in years! Get with the times!
Bangkok Pet Peeve: Congested sidewalks & streets
Home Pet Peeve: Excessive Politically Correctness ; Photo Radar
Favorite Drink: Whiskey soda on the front steps of 7-11
Favorite Shooter: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Bar or Restaurant in BKK Too many to pick just one.
Future Ambitions: To some day work for Jamcomb