Name: Michael Costin
Date of Birth: Januray 27,1965
Nick Name: Chellos
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Currently ‘between jobs’
How Long in BKK so far: 4 months
Plan to leave: When the coast is clear
Position: Right wing but most often the bench
Shoots: Right
Favorite NHL Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Team Status: Active
Favorite Player and Why: Kirk Nell - because he is the only player that I can skate around
Most Hated Celebrity and Why: The crocodile hunter – the guy's a goose!
Dream Woman: A pulse is always a good start!
Best Habit: Getting plenty of shots on goal
Worst Habit: Never scoring
Favorite Movie: Top heavy truckin babes
Top 3 CD’s of all Time: Top heavy truckin babes – the soundtrack box set
Bangkok Pet Peeve: Too many Canadians
Home Pet Peeve: Too many Canadians
Favorite Drink: Vodka Martini
Favorite Shooter: Quick Fuck
Favorite Bar or Restaurant in BKK Q Bar
Future Ambitions: Finding a way to help ex-pat ice hockey players re-enter normal society whilst overcoming their need to throw random punches in public spaces and molest innocent local girls whilst yelling poke check!