"Finnish Friends"

Name: Teemu J. Eriksson
Date of Birth: July 23, 1975
Nick Name: Rabbe,T.D.,The Modern Yoda
Marital Status: Hell no!
Hometown: Hell...sinki, Finland
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator
How Long in BKK so far: 2+ years to life
Plan to leave: Already did, but all you remember Phoenix the Bird, right?
Position: D... for Doggy or Dodgy...
Shoots: 7.62mm Rounds
Favorite NHL Team: Buffalo Sabres
Team Status: IR, if it stands for “In Rehab”
Favorite Player and Why: Brad May, Rob Ray, Matt Barnaby- The Mad Mercenaries
Most Hated Celebrity and Why: Michael Jackson, need I say more? KIDDIE GREASER!
Dream Woman: One that understands and accepts the concept “radio silence”...for days...
Best Habit: To have a few...
Worst Habit: ...too many
Favorite Movie: Fear and Loathing in Bangkok, Starring Rabies-Rabbe, Mr. Big and a supporting cast of unknowns for people visiting this site.
Top 3 CD’s of all Time: Johnny Cash- I see a Darkness (single)
System of a Down- Steal this Album
Entombed- To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
Bangkok Pet Peeve: “He”-Men. One day I’ll find where they spawn and go Skeletor on them all.
Home Pet Peeve: Somali-men doing absolutely nothing in downtown Helsinki.
Favorite Drink: Vodka straight
Favorite Shooter: VODKA
Favorite Bar or Restaurant in BKK Petchburi 45, Mr Big’s been there, but haven’t we all.
Future Ambitions: To be able to communicate fluently in Vodka