Name: Warren Rodricks
Date of Birth: March 9 1973
Nick Name: My students this year started calling me ‘Roddy’
Marital Status: Married
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta     
Occupation: Teacher
When did you arrive in BKK: Second stint here. Came back August 2005
Plan to leave: We’ll see
Position: Goal
Shoots: Left
Favorite NHL Team: Calgary Flames
Team Status: Active
Favorite Player and Why: Miikka Kiprusoff – his calm demeanor no matter what the score is
Most Hated Celebrity and Why:

There could be so many but I’ll go with Paris Hilton. What exactly is she famous for?

Dream Woman: It has to be the one I am married to. No one else would have me
Best Habit: Trying to help out the ’strange’ kid in my class. There seems to be one in every class.
Worst Habit: Texting
Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Top 3 CD’s of all Time:

Cold Play – Parachutes, Kings of Leon – Aha Shake Heartbreak, Suzanne Vega – Tried and True

Bangkok Pet Peeve: Expats who complain about the city. Don’t like it? Leave.
Home Pet Peeve: The first snow fall of the year where everyone forgets how to drive.
Favorite Drink: Crown Royal with coke
Favorite Shooter:

I’m a bit of a light-weight so I avoid shooters – kind of like my goaltending!

Favorite Bar or Restaurant in BKK Angelini’s
Future Ambitions: I would like to win the Stanley Cup before I am 40. If not that – getting better at everything I do – slowly but surely.