Flying Farangs Photo Gallery

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Hong Kong 2013


One man's tribute to Thailand's beloved King


Hong Kong 2008

Singapore 2008

Hong Kong 2007

Singapore 2007
photos by Officer Kevin

Bangkok 2006


Singapore 2006



Bangkok 2005
Photographer: Charlie Arnold



Singapore 2005
Photographers: Anton Soemitro & Judhi Prasetyo

Scotty Hockey had a feeling
about this team
Crowley looks for the pass Cote battles newly
reassigned Kevin Hall
Murray leads the breakout Cots denies with
the help of Blomqvist
Kennedy does whatever
is necessary
Blomqvist demonstrates
Swedish style defense
Cote scores against Hong Kong Dougherty protects his own zone
LaMont and Whitcomb
show all out effort in every game
Nakvachara gives some
encouragement to Cots
LaMantia working hard
in the slot
Marriott leads by example LaMont scores Murray surverys thr troops
Nakvachara circles in his own zone Oracheski makes like pest Cots get across for the save
Mariott and LaMantia on the attack Murray and Oracheski storm the net White sets a perfect screem
The Semi Final Game winner The Cap battles for the puck Hey Guys!
The puck is over here
Whitcomb streaks down the wing Goal Baby!
The Game winner in the Finals
To the Winners,
Go the Spoils
Tsunami Chairty Game 2005
Many countries were represented
in this unprecedented event
Miss Thailand Universe
lent a helping hand

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Wednesday Night Shinny 2004
Arnold surveys WTC ice Michael looks to clear the crease Haynes rushes out of the zone
Jones waits for the action J.McD looks intense Norman puts the biscuit in the oven


Bangkok 2004
Top& Dan break up the rush Sheldon cleans up in the crease Whitty looks to pass
Crowley pushes the puck up ice Dougherty takes care of business Mika shares a laugh
Cots gets ready as Marriott
makes a last gasp effort
J. White puts a rocket on net Rob takes care of business
Jouni pounces for a goal Colin takes one for the team Lamont grinds in the corners
Teemu breaks out of the zone Marriott shoots...He Scores! The Cap gets down and dirty
M.White shoots...He scores! Mike clears the danger

Kirk gets aggressive

Casella looks for a loose puck Dan looks for an outlet pass

Luc gets on top of the defense

Per skates hard to join the rush Rick hopes he'll still be good to go
at Soi Cowboy after this

Kevin & Bjorn look
for a loose puck

The defense clears the slot Marriott looks for a play


The homeboys of Team B Team A...still in shock




Singapore 2004
Marriott lets loose from the point Buffalo Ben on the prowl Cots stretches out
J. White steps in for a faceoff Kevin clears the crease Kelly takes aim
Whitty looking to pass M. White streaks up ice The captain looking for a hit
Cots & McD watch the play Jamie & Ben on the forecheck Third Place Overall
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Chiang Mai - December 2003
FF diehards head North Axel arrives in style FF & the Chiang Mai kids


Bangkok 2003
Waiting to pounce on a rebound Jouni looks for a loose puck Guy crashes the net
Jamie clears the crease for Cots Mika takes exception The view is nice at the WTC
FF "A" & Geneva    




Hong Kong 2003

Pre-Game rally Jonesy looks for the rebound Ryan crashes the net
Whitty looking for a call Action in front of the net Where'd everyone go?
When will this be over? (Click above for multiple images) Party time in HK



Chiang Mai - July 2003
Male Bonding in CM Rallying the Troops Road Warriors Head North
Whitey Stalks the Blueline After Hours in CM  


Jing Jok Cup 2003
Looking sexy guys! Greg gets buff Neil hogs the flash
Rob breaks out a spell Ryan...just chilling Shawn plays with himself

Flying Farangs face off
against each other

Two Flying Farangs teams
A first time event!


Singapore 2003

Aaron looks for a rebound Jeff leads the breakout Casella looks up ice
Time to talk strategy White buries the biscuit Scotty cycling down low
The captain accepts the cup Il Duce trying to break loose Cots looks for the wraparound
White breaks from the zone Jeff keeps close to his man The team and its prize


Chiang Mai - November 2002
Asia's favorite Zamboni driver Jeff looks for a loose puck Martin clears the zone
Ron & John...that's hockey baby! Are you kidding me Dan? The crowd enjoys the action
Greater China bench Knox tries to bat the puck in Tokyo clears the crease
Cots shuts down the breakaway Rob takes no prisoners Chiang Mai Falcons
EHC Affoltern Kevin presents the MVP Trophy What it's all about...Father Joe
Misc. Photos
The Designer and his Masterpiece
at the Hockey Hall of Fame
The Captain meets the Creator The infamous
Middlesex Connection
Look who's made the cover! JoJo finds a friend The Captian on call